As a veterinarian and pet owner myself, I can understand and empathize with the immense grief pet owners experience along with the “compassion fatigue” experienced by our veterinary staff and caregivers. When a beloved pet has a medical emergency, or nears the end of their life, it can be heartbreaking for everyone involved. I always wish I could do more to support them, but sometimes it just seems I can only give so much. This book gives me a better way to help pet owners in those difficult moments, as well as, enable my staff to be more compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process.

— Dr. Jose Salazar, DVM

B.J. Randolph, LLC has delivered a #1 Amazon Best Seller – “Missing Pieces…Broken Heart” – an exceptional book developed through collaboration with veterinarians and pet owners from across the country. Developed as a pet loss business tool for veterinarians and their staff, as well as a powerful pet loss resource for pet owners. When properly used it acts as a empowering business tool enabling the veterinary business to have consistent pet loss procedures towards clients, while helping staff address compassion fatigue. It also serves as a educational resource tool for owners to become better advocates for their pets, to more fully understand the euthanasia procedure before and after, preparing for impending loss decisions related to EOL and QOL. It serves as a highly compassionate resource to help pet owners positively progress forward to navigate the devastating journey of sorrow and heartbreak from losing their cherished pet companion.

Developed as a highly effective tool for a specific audience, “Missing Pieces…Broken Heart” supports pet owner recovery from the grief and sorrow of pet loss while helping to ensure that for the business…

“Loss of a patient does not need to mean loss of a client”.

#1 Amazon Best Seller