As a veterinarian and pet owner myself, I can understand and empathize with the immense grief pet owners experience along with the “compassion fatigue” experienced by our veterinary staff and caregivers. When a beloved pet has a medical emergency, or nears the end of their life, it can be heartbreaking for everyone involved. I always wish I could do more to support them, but sometimes it just seems I can only give so much. This book gives me a better way to help pet owners in those difficult moments, as well as, enable my staff to be more compassionate and supportive throughout the entire process.

— Dr. Jose Salazar, DVM

LOSS is LOSS and it all hurts…Before and after.

The grief and sorrow from PET LOSS – is real and devasting.

And it will happen for each of us pet owners one day.

What do we do when it happens?

Where can we turn for support and guidance?

Why don’t others comprehend or equate our pain?

How do we understand this painful journey ahead and relate?

How can we navigate through this difficult journey?

What does the pathway to recovery look like?

Missing Pieces…Broken Heart is here to help you positively press forward with purpose to recovery, and help you through this difficult journey ahead without your special companion and dear friend. They would not want you feeling sad or alone without them. They were an important and integral part of your family and blessed your life everyday of theirs. Knowledge is a powerful healing tool and we are here to offer it. We want you to succeed, to help mend your broken heart and find joy and peace again. And to cherish the gift of their memories and the magical moments you shared together.